The Military Order of the Cootie (M.O.C.) is the Honor Degree of the Veteran of Foreign Wars of the United States of America (V.F.W.). Born September 1920, the M.O.C. took on many special projects of two special groups of people; hospitalized Veterans and the residents of the V.F.W. National Home in Eaton Rapids, MI. Shortly after, the M.O.C. began the tradition of sponsoring the National Home's annual Christmas party, ensuring all the residents had Christmas presents and Christmas dinner. The Grand of Missouri has been the sponsor for this event as far back as 1933. Click on the link below to visit the M.O.C. website.
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Grand Line Officers for 2020 - 2021



Grand Commander:  C.W. "Mitch" Mitchem,


Grand SVC: Mike Probst


Grand JVC:  Bob Kirtley


Grand Quartermaster:  Charlie Jamis,


Grand Chaplain: Deborah Halter 314-397-5662,


Grand Adjutant and Judge Advocate:  Ken Allison 636-448-3061

Grand Surgeon: Rich "Duke" Dukovich:



Upcoming Events


General Orders No. 5

November 2020


To be read and filed.                                                                                                                

1.    The 92nd Cootie Christmas Party at the National Home has been cancelled due to COVID-19.  Please coordinate with the National Home staff prior to sending candy or gifts.   You may start sending money earmarked for "Cootie Christmas” to the Grand Quartermaster who will combine to send one check to the Michigan Quartermaster.  Let’s make this the best Christmas ever for the children of the National Home!

2.    All activities at Arlington National Cemetery to include Tomb Trek has been cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19.

3.    The Mid-Year Supreme Council of Administration will be held in Springfield, Missouri on December 4-5, 2020 at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center located at 2546 N. Glenstone, Springfield, MO 65802. We plan to have lunch and dinner available on Saturday.  If you plan to attend, please make certain that you send PGC Jim Thorpe the number of meals you want reserved for the banquet on Saturday evening.  The meal will be Mushroom Marsala Chicken and Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin Medallion (single plate with consist of both items).  Contact PGC Jim Thorpe at (417) 844-6914 to reserve your dinner ASAP!  Deadline is November 20th.

4.    Seam Squirrels prepare for your Pup Tent inspections.  Forms may be obtained at the Supreme website,

5.    Veteran’s Day is rapidly approaching.  Make plans to visit a Veteran’s Home if it is permitted. There are other things you can help the homes with.  Small gift bags with personal items, etc. 

6.    Do not forget to send in your donation for the Supreme Commander’s Special Project ($1.00 for the Renovation of the Childcare Center at the National Home and $1.00 for the maintenance fee MOC/MOCA House at the VFW National Home).  Please send $2.00 per Cootie to the Grand Quartermaster and he can send in one check for the Grand.

7.    Special 100% Membership Grand Shirts will be awarded to all Seam Squirrels and CCDB’s who attain a 100% membership for their Pup Tent by November 20, 2020.  Please send membership transmittals direct to the Grand Quartermaster, Charlie Jamis, by mail at 6404 Proctor Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64133 or by E-mail at

8.    Do not forget to send your reports to the proper chairman.

9.    Be sure to keep the Grand Chaplain, Deborah Halter informed of all deceased Cooties at email or text to 314-397-5662.

10.  Send monthly Blood reports to Paul Schmidt at paul351245@att.netor text 314-249-5368.    

11.  Send monthly Hospital reports to Don Newman II at or call 636-949-0440.

For all who are ill we send our blessings and a speedy recovery. For those who have lost loved ones our deepest sympathy.



              Ken Allison                                                            C. W. "Mitch” Mitchem

   Grand Adjutant                                                                Grand Commander



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