The Military Order of the Cootie (M.O.C.) is the Honor Degree of the Veteran of Foreign Wars of the United States of America (V.F.W.). Born September 1920, the M.O.C. took on many special projects of two special groups of people; hospitalized Veterans and the residents of the V.F.W. National Home in Eaton Rapids, MI. Shortly after, the M.O.C. began the tradition of sponsoring the National Home's annual Christmas party, ensuring all the residents had Christmas presents and Christmas dinner. The Grand of Missouri has been the sponsor for this event as far back as 1933. Click on the link below to visit the M.O.C. website.
For a history of the Military Order of the Cootie, click here.


Grand Line Officers for 2024 - 2025


Grand Commander:  David Klaassen: 816-405-0734,

Grand SVC: Jeff Heise: 573-450-5825,

Grand JVC:  Marilynn Archuleta: 660-473-3223,

Grand Quartermaster and Grand Adjutant:  Charlie Jamis: 816-737-1894,

Grand Chaplain: Michael Probst: 816-7193694,

Grand Judge Advocate:  Ken Allison: 636-448-3061,

Grand Surgeon: Larry Phillips:  816-872-6404,

Grand Hospital Chairman:  Ken Allison:  636-448-3061,

Grand Blood Chairman:  Larry Phillips:  816-395-8129,

Pup Tent Roster 2023-2024


 Upcoming Events



General Orders No. 12

April 2024


To be read and filed.


1.    The Grand Convention will begin with a Memorial Service at 9:00am on Saturday.  Line officers should wear red jacket with white pants and white gloves.  A 3rdDegree "WRECK” will be held Saturday Afternoon.  Please let us know before the "WRECK”, if you have anyone to be "WRECK”.

2.    The Grand chaplain wants to Memorial Service practice Friday night at 7:00pm.

3.    The Grand Quartermaster will have a CCDB training session for any new CCDBs Saturday after the Grand Convention.

4.    Don’t forget to contribute to the Supreme Commander’s Special Project.  The contribution is $2.00 per member.

5.    There will be a Past Commanders meeting on April 27th at 7:30am in the Hospitality room, also invited are line officers and anyone interested in running for an office.

6.    Each Pup Tent must register one delegate to the Supreme Convention.  The amount is $15.00 and is sent to Supreme Headquarters.  Info can be found on the LOTCS website under "EVENTS”.

7.    Don’t forget to send your reports to the proper chairman.

8.    Be sure to keep the Grand Chaplain, Michael Probstinformed of all deceased Cooties.  Mike’s address is 904 SW Bobcat St. Oak Grove, MO. 64075 or email:

9.    Send monthly Blood reports to Larry Phillips, 4318 S. Bryant Ct. Independence, MO 64055 or email

10. Send monthly hospital reports to Ken Allison, 457 Virgin Bluff Dr. Galena, MO 65656 or email The Pup Tent’s Hospital Chairman can also send in their report online at LOTCS under Hospital.

To those who are ill we send our blessing and a speed recovery. For those who have lost loved ones our deepest sympathy.



2024-2025 Grand Installation

Grand Wreck April 2024  

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