2023 –2024 Department of Missouri Post All State


On going  Goals:
1.   Your Post must reach 100% of last year's July 1st membership no later than June 30, 2024.

2.   All Trustees' Reports of Audit reports must be submitted to the State Quartermaster by the designated date. Postmarks do not count as each Post has 30 days to conduct and mail, fax, or email the completed Audit Report to:
State Quartermaster
3401 Knipp Drive
Jefferson City, Mo.  65109
FAX: 573-636-2664 or email:;
Any Post making All-State by April 30, 2024 will be recognized at the State Convention in June, all others after that will be recognized at the Fall Convention.

Inspection  Related  Goals:

3.  Post Quartermaster must be bonded in accordance with Section 703 of the National By-Laws.

4.  Your Post must have in their possession the most currently published copy of the VFW Podium Edition Congressional Charter By-Laws Manual of Procedure Ritual Manual.

5. Your Post must be incorporated in accordance with National By-Laws, Section 708 and must obtain proper liability coverage according to the National By-Laws, Section 709. Post must have current Certificate of Insurance and sent to State Headquarters. (If applicable).

6. Your Post must have the Post Website, or any other social media sites (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) updated with the names and contact information of its current Commander, Quartermaster, and Post Service Officer.

7.  The Post must have their email set up through the Department designated email (

Event  Specific  Goals:

8. The Post Commander must have attended a District or Department School of Instruction and all District meetings -OR-  have a designated Representative at all District meetings. Only the State Commander can excuse the absence of an entire Post from a District meeting. Excusal must be re- quested prior to the meeting.

9. Your Post must have two (2) POW-MIA awareness activities at or outside of the Post home.

The following are all ways to meet these All-State criteria:
  • a.   Donate a POW flag to a school or business and hold a short program in commemoration;
  • b.   Present the POW-MIA Honor Table program at a school, business or civic event;
  • c.   Participate in a local parade with the Post colors and POW-MIA flag;
  • d.   Display the POW-MIA flag at a public event.
10. Your Post must hold two (2) Veteran Service Officer events. These events must be reported using the online reporting system. Posts can hold events together; however, representatives from each Post must be present at the event.  To meet these criteria, it MUST be advertised that a Veteran Service Information officer is present, and entered on your online report.

11.  Your Post must hold two (2) Recruiting events.  Activity can be the following:
  • a.   Off Site (Public Forum), set up a booth/table at a community event
  • b.   Cold Canvas (Stores, ECT.), you see someone with a veteran hat, shirt and ask to join.
  • c.   Phone Calling (Member at Large/Membership Rosters) cold call in your community.
  • d.   Face to Face Interview with potential members

12.  Your Post must have two (2) Legislative Activities.
  • a.   State, attend MAVO meetings, Rallies at the Capitol, talk to your local Representative about veteran issues.
  • b.   National, have someone sign up for Action Corps and responds to alerts. Contact your US Senators and Representatives about Veterans issues.
  • c.   Other, Contact your local municipality representative about Veterans issues.
13.  Your Post must have two (2) Americanism activities, the following are activities to meet those criteria:
  • a    Get Out to Vote Program    
  • b.   Color Guard Activities    
  • c.   Honor Guard Activities    
  • d.   Flag Disposal Ceremony    
  • e.   Participate or Conduct Flag Ceremony    
  • f.   Present Flag Education Program    
  • g.   Veterans Day
  • h.   Memorial Day
  • i.   Pearl Harbor Day
  • j.   Loyalty Day
  • k.   911 Remembrance Day
  • l.   Other
14. Post must have at least two (2) approved events in all categories listed on the Community Activity Re- port. These reports must be submitted on line, and must include your name and phone number.
    The following are all ways to meet these criteria:
  • a.   Buddy Poppy Drive   
  • b.   Tree Planting Program   
  • c.   Community Blood Drive   
  • d.   Community CPR Class   
  • e.   Recycle Program   
  • f.   Adopt a Highway Program  
  • g.   Youth or Hunter Safety Program   
  • h.   Drug Awareness Program  
  • i.   Community Emergency Assistance   
  • j.   Volunteer in Schools and Community
  • k.  Participate in Patriot’s Pen
  • l.   Participate in Voice of Democracy
  • m. Participate in Teacher Entry
  • n.  Sponsor Youth Contests/Special Event
  • o.  Achievement Awards Community/
  • p.  Recognize Public Employees
  • q.  Donate Hall to Non-Profit Organization
  • r.  Sport/Athletic Sponsorship
  • s.  Scouting Organization Support
 15. Your Post must have two (2) Veterans Assistance, the following will meet those criteria:
  • a.   Donate to Veterans Service Officer Fund   
  • b.   Assist Veterans and their Families   
  • c.   Loaning of Hospital Type Equipment
  • d.  Conduct Military Funerals   
  • e.  other
Funding Related Goals:
16. Your Post must make a donation to the Veterans Service Officer Program. The check goes to the Department Quartermaster, 3401 Knipp Drive, Jefferson City, MO. 65109. Notate in the memo field on the check, "Missouri Veterans Service Officer Program Donation.” No later than April 30, 2024

17. Your Post must sponsor both school programs: Voice of Democracy, and Patriot Pen award. Each must be entered to the district for judging.

18. Your Post must make a donation to the Veteran and Military Support (i.e., Military Assistance Program, Operation Uplink, or Unmet Needs).
Please NOTE: To make All American donation must be a minimum of $100.00. This check must be sent directly to VFW National Headquarters, c/o Military Assistance Program, 406 West 34th Street, Kansas City, Mo. 64111-2736. Notate in the memo field on check: "Veterans and Military Support Donation”. No later than April 30, 2024. DO NOT SEND TO STATE HEADQUARTERS.

19.  ***NEW REQUIREMENTS*** Your Post must have two (2) buddy poppy drives.
Examples Below:
Set up a table at Wal-Mart, Local Grocery Stores, if you have bingo at your post you can set up a Container there for donations, or other fundraising events.

20.  Your Post must have Liability/Dram Insurance FYI: Dram is only if you have a bar/canteen. and it is required that a Certificate of Liability be sent to Department by April 30, 2024.

Dept of MO VFW                                        
3401 Knipp Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65109

**PLEASE NOTE: Several items can be done to get credit for multiple requirements. Example: Flag disposal ceremony can be Americanism and Community activities. **
2023-2024 Department of Missouri District

All-State Program

The 2023-2024 All-State District Commander program is meant to ensure that posts are

Participating in VFW programs and realizing the VFW’s mission. All District Commanders are eligible to qualify.
All requirements must be met by April 30, 2024 to qualify, except for membership.

A District Commander who exhibits exemplary performance may be chosen as Captain at the

Department commander’s discretion.

The performance requirements for All-State District Commander are as follows:

1.  The District must be at 98% or better in member percentage by June 30, 2024.

2.  The Commander must attend a Department School of Instructions.

3.  The Commander must hold a District School of Instruction.

4.  All District Trustees Reports must be submitted to Department within 30 days following the end of the observed quarter.

5.  District meeting reports must be submitted to Department within 30 days after the held meeting.

6.  The Commander must complete all Post visits and submit corresponding reports by December 31, 2023.

7.  The District must submit an entry to Department Chairman for Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen, (Scott Huffman) and Teacher/Americanism (Jerry Youngblood) of the December 15, 2023 for judging. The chairman's addresses are found in the Department roster.

8.  The District must make a donation of a minimum $100 to the National Veterans and Military support Program (VMS). The check must be sent to the following address,

VFW National Headquarters
c/o Veterans and Military Serve Program
406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111-2736

9.  The District must have 100% of its posts report in a minimum of two (2) community involvement, Americanism, Veterans Service, POW/MIA, VSO, Legislative, and Recruiting.

10. All posts within a District must have an active, updated website.

11. The District must have a National Home chairman and must have at least one of its members go on the National Home Trip.

12. The Commander must designate a District recruiter. The recruiter’s name MUST be sub- mitted to the Department recruiter.


Post and District ALL-STATE Awards are a reflection of exemplary Post and District performance and a reflection of exceptional leadership and dedication to VFW pro- grams and membership initiatives. To honor this success, Department will provide the following awards.

1.  All Post Commanders and Quartermasters achieving 100% in membership by December 31, 2023 will receive a 100% Membership Shirt.

2. All Post Commanders who achieve ALL-STATE will receive an ALL-STATE Commanders Cover. All Post Quartermasters who achieve ALL-STATE will receive an ALL-STATE Quartermasters Cover. Commanders or Quartermasters may receive a $75.00 Gift certificate from the National Supply store in lieu of an All-State

3. The Post will receive a distinctive ALL STATE plaque for the Post Home to recognize their Post success.

4. The ALL-STATE District Commander and Quartermaster will receive an

ALL-STATE Commander Cover.

5. All District Commanders achieving 100% in membership by December 31, 2023 will receive a 100% Membership Shirt and a very Special Award from the Department Commander.